The 20+ Best 50th Anniversary Gifts In 2021

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Nothing beats the 50 years that a couple has spent together. Though there have been ups and downs, this special occasion is truly worth the best commemoration. So no matter who you are, the spouse or the one who has a close relationship with the couple, don’t hesitate but toast to the long years with the most thoughtful and enduring gifts ever. To help you find perfect presents, we’ve rounded up an adorable archive. So brush up on your knowledge of 50th anniversary gifts first, then dive into every incredible piece below.


What are some types of 50th wedding anniversary gifts?


The 50th wedding anniversary, also known as the golden anniversary, features gold as the traditional gift. Gold is luxe and enduring material. It symbolizes compassion, courage, and eternal love. Thus, no wonder that golden presents play their best in accomplishing this remarkable milestone. If you want to stay on theme, opt for gold. It’ll help renew the vow from half a century ago.

Though there’s no denying that gold is the soul of the golden anniversary, how about straying away from these traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts? Not a bad idea, isn’t it? That said, feel free to choose a unique and customizable present to celebrate this occasion and boost the well-being of the married couple.


Besides the visible gifts for 50th wedding anniversary, a sweet party can also be thrown between the two spouses or among their family and friends. It’s a great way that helps them take a trip down memory lane and let their nearest and dearest gather and cheer for the fifty years.

Now, it’s time to dive into the best pieces of gift in our archive. There are both traditional and unusual 50th anniversary gifts. We hope this list helps tick all your boxes. Check out some gift ideas for golden anniversary gifts that Ohcanvas recommend for you.

The best 50th anniversary gifts to celebrate the milestone

50th wedding anniversary gifts for her

Gold jewelry for golden anniversary gifts


Gold jewelry is one of the most practical 50th wedding anniversary gifts. “Gold” is a phrase associated with 50 years of marriage. It carries the meaning of traditional classic, mixed with modernity in today’s life. The timeless and understated gold material helps to showcase your love and feelings. It also satisfies your beloved wife with its delicate beauty and the possibility of going well with any costume, from dresses to casual sweaters.

Gold pieces of jewelry stand at the top of our collection of traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts for women. Therefore, choosing a gold gift for the anniversary brings eternal nuances to the couple’s love, going through the past to the present together. If your spouse loves adorable jewelry, don’t hesitate to give her a gold cuff bracelet, necklace, or crossover hoop earrings on this golden anniversary.

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Personalized metallic record for your spouse – Unusual 50th anniversary gifts


What do you think about recalling and creating beautiful memories by music? A personalized metallic record can help you with that. By having several favorite songs that you and your spouse both love embedded on this record, there’ll be utmost romantic moments to enjoy.

To make it more like the traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts theme, have it in gold color. Especially, don’t forget to include the song from your first dance. It’s a great way to remind you of every special moment on the day that the two of you tied the knot. We believe that if your wife receives this gift, she’ll burst into tears right away.

Custom canvas prints – Best 50th anniversary gifts ever!


If you want to have a gift that can be visible the most in your cozy nest, head to custom canvas prints. They are stunning and enduring artwork. Having them as the best 50th anniversary gifts helps strengthen your love and proves a long-lasting life with your spouse.

Ohcanvas recommends custom prints since they play their best in showcasing your relationship and storing memories. You can inscribe your name, wedding date, and even photos on them. Hang them on the wall, and your wife will love seeing them every day. It can be said that personalized canvas print is one of the best anniversary gifts that couples can express their love for their other half.

Cashmere scarf – Warm gift idea for 50th wedding anniversary


Another stunning piece for the unusual 50th anniversary gifts is the cashmere scarf. You both grow older. Therefore, health is always needed to be cared for and protected the best. And this scarf keeps your spouse warm and comfortable in cold weather.

Choosing a cashmere scarf will show how thoughtful and delicate you are. This high-quality fabric is soft and fine. It’s light and also able to keep warm well. Give this scarf to her, and we’re sure that you’ll see a delighted expression on her face. It’s priceless.

Personalized compact mirror in gold


Among various ideas of the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts for wife, the personalized compact mirror in gold stands out to be practical and affordable. Additionally, this mirror can be personalized with your wife’s name on it, making it more attractive and valuable. More significantly, some compact mirror types allow a photo on it as well. Then your favorite photo (for example, the wedding photo) can appear beautifully on the gold surface. Now, give this lovely piece to your spouse, and she’ll add it to her list of inseparable things.

Jewelry Dish


Keeping favorite accessories in a jewelry dish is a lovely idea. Your wife will be very pleased to receive it as an unusual 50th anniversary gift. The dish would supplement her pretty private corner and help showcase the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that she has. To make it more on-themed, opt for dishes in gold color. Besides, they can be easily personalized as well. Have the names and the wedding date on it to make that dish the best 50th anniversary gift for wife.

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50th anniversary gifts for him

Gold tie bar with hidden messages – 50th anniversary gift for husband


If you want to buy traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts for your husband, a gold tie bar is a good idea. It’s a practical and delicate gift that a man can receive. More meaningful if you have crafted hidden messages on this tie bar. It helps show your endless love and makes you be with him in every little moment of his life. He surely knows that you care about him. And we’re still sure that your spouse will be very pleased whenever he has this tie bar on.

Gold engraved cufflinks


Of all the best 50th anniversary gifts for men, we’re so impressed by the gold engraved cufflinks. They’re small but obtain lovely care and gestures from you. The cufflinks will make your husband’s shirt more chic and impressive. That makes him much more excited when wearing it on any special occasion. We believe that your husband will love this gift a lot. He also appreciates how you care for any little thing in his life. So if these adorable gold cufflinks enchant you, don’t skip them for the upcoming golden anniversary.

Personalized leather wallet


If you’ve noticed that his wallet has worn out, consider new ones as the unusual 50th anniversary gifts. The personalized leather wallet is recommended since it not only lasts long but also is hand-crafted with letters.
Names can be personalized outside or inside the wallet. Maybe his name outside and yours inside or both names outside. For this preparation, your husband has got another amazing personal stuff. He’ll carry all your love with him to wherever he is.

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Gold watch for men


Great and luxurious gifts for 50th wedding anniversary celebration go to the golden watches. It might cost you a fortune, but it’s worth it. You two have gone this far, and there’s nothing that can stop you from buying valuable 50th anniversary gifts for your spouse.

Your husband will respect this watch a lot. He’ll wear and keep it with care and love since he knows how important this gift is in his life. Moreover, if you want it more unique, order a personalized watch that can be hand-crafted. Now, it becomes a sweet piece that lasts long and counts every delightful second that you’ve spent with your beloved husband.

Custom engraved keychain


Small but meaningful 50th anniversary gifts for your man might be the custom engraved keychains. They’re special since you can personalize them with names, anniversary dates, or a thoughtful message. If you want to go with the traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts theme, have a gilded or gold-color keychain. Then, your husband will carry a sweet reminder of you whenever and wherever he goes.

BBQ grill set


For any BBQ lover, having a grill set as a 50th anniversary gift will be a delight. They’ll use it for family parties or any reunion event. That’s when memories are created and happiness is preserved. To have it more special, ask for a custom grill box. There can be names and the wedding date hand-crafted on it, making the gift much more wonderful.

Custom wallet insert


Looking for more traditional 50th anniversary gift ideas? Grab this golden wallet insert for your spouse now. It can be stamped with a meaningful message which makes it a much sweeter gift. Your husband will love the idea of having this sentimental piece with him when he’s outside.

50th anniversary gifts for parents and other couples

Customizable photo book


Long years have passed and a married couple (who are about to celebrate their golden anniversary) must have lots of photos together. Then they’ll need a new photo book to keep them all and store new ones in the upcoming years.
A customizable photo book seems to be a great idea among the unusual 50th anniversary gifts for parents. It’s a storage of loving moments and memories. It’s for the spouses to look back on what they’ve done together, like traveling, raising kids, or gardening.

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Cashmere sheet set


As we’ve just stated above, cashmere is a high-quality fabric. It brings a smooth and comfortable experience to whoever uses it. Therefore, it’s such a great attitude to give a cashmere sheet set to your parents or a specific beloved couple on their golden anniversary. It would stand out among other 50th anniversary gifts that they can receive.

When people turn to the 70s or 80s, they often have a lot of trouble with sleeping. However, a cashmere sheet set will create an inviting bed that can lull them right to sleep. So wonderful, right? If you love this idea among various 50th anniversary gifts for parents, stick with it. It shows how much you care for your parents’ health and their daily sleep.

Stoneware set for meals


Do you still find other unusual 50th anniversary gifts for parents which are out of the theme? A stoneware set for meals might meet your expectations. Let’s renew your parents’ kitchen and treat themselves to this brand new set of plates and mugs. They’ll appreciate this practical gift of yours a lot. We bet that your parents will use this set very often in their daily meals. It’s worth all your decisions, isn’t it?

Personalized glassware duo


A once-in-a-lifetime golden anniversary like this should be toasted with beer and wine. So give your parents a glassware duo so that they can use them for any special event. Besides, each piece of glassware can be hand-crafted with your parents’ initials or names. Any personalized indication like this creates the best 50th anniversary gifts for parents with a unique and friendly taste.

Imagine when it turns to the 55th or 60th anniversary. Then the spouse will be much happier when realizing that five or ten more years have just passed. And they’re still together, using this glassware duo to cheer for the moment. Such beautiful scenery! And you know what, you can help them to reach that glass duo part.

Leather weekender


Your parents might have traveled together many times. And we bet that their favorite getaway bag has worn out more or less by now. In addition, the spouses at this age need more time to relax or go on short trips. Thus, considering some types of leather weekenders as unusual 50th anniversary gifts for parents is not a bad idea.

Opt for lightweight and waterproof weekenders. They’re better for old couples. Go with a minimalist style or choose a color that your parents prefer. Every little consideration will show how delicate you are and take the present to the next level.

Thoughtful family tree – unusual 50th anniversary gifts

50Th Anniversary Gifts

When it comes to unusual 50th anniversary gifts for parents, you can’t go wrong with a family tree engraved on natural wood. Your parents must have turned to the 70s or 80s at this time. So this might become the most sentimental present that they have received. 

If you give them this family tree, it’s a great way to show how happy and proud you are to come from this family. The gift shows both your celebration and gratitude at the same time. Since it also has a stunning look, the tree on wood is a shining piece of home decoration. Such a sweet gesture to prepare unusual 50th anniversary gifts like this for your most beloved people.

Gold-hued photo frame


If you have an old wedding photo of your parents (if you don’t, any lovely photo of them would be precious), make it shine on this gold-hued frame and nail the theme of the traditional 50th anniversary gifts for parents. It’s also a great way to call back the memories and freshen up the nightstand in your parents’ room.

Tasty on-themed dessert


This is a lovely and unusual 50th anniversary gift idea that you should try. A tasty cheesecake or a refreshing raspberry dessert decorated with yellow roses would be more on-themed and meaningful. If you can bake the cake by yourself, it’s wonderful. But if not, don’t be concerned much since your parents will still love how thoughtful you are to give them this adorable gift on their special day.

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You’ve already discovered the most stunning 50th anniversary gifts that we’ve gathered. We hope our collection is an excellent source of inspiration to you. Remember that no matter what type of gift is chosen, it carries all your warm love along. So be thoughtful and sincere, and your gift will be the best gift ever.